Saturday, November 27, 2010

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Hi Friends,

Now you can follow me on my own website This is a movie review website, so you can catch reviews of new movies here. You can also share your thoughts/review of movies in my website. I hope for your continuous support. Thanks.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inception - Movie review - (Spicemeter 10/10)

After Darknight, Nolan comes with even bigger and better film which is
sure to blow up your mind. In Memento, he has presented a simply
storyline with a complex screenplay to give audience a new experience.
Where as in Inception, The story is a kind of complex which has been
delivered to audience with a clear screenplay. Go easy, I won't give
you a shred of information from the story.

From the moment film starts, I was in awe about Nolan how he gets these
ideas and till the end we are all kept intrigued. This movie got a good
boisterous reception when it started and ended with a 3 minute standing
ovation from Chennai audience. The best part was that the movie
screened with subtitle at Satyam,Chennai, which most of us would
welcome for all movies releasing in future.

This movie has got a bunch of good performers with Di Caprio at the
helm. Music by Hans Zimmer makes this experience even better.
Photography and CG are perfect. So everything is good about this movie.
You won't see any screenplay which explains such complex story in such
a simple way. Go and enjoy Nolan's new mind-bending movie, literally.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Singam - Movie review - (Spicemeter - 6.5 / 10)

I got Rs.10 ticket through online booking for this movie at Devi Cineplex and watched it from first row with my friend. Many would boast about having watched movies first day, first show. But I watched for the first time in Chennai from first row. Though I have watched many Hollywood movies for Rs.5 at VSP theater(which had both DTS and Dolby and a dedicated fan for first row) in Erode.

Okay, lets go to the movie review. As this is a movie by director Hari, I went expecting a masala entertainer and he delivers just that. Even he has managed to achieve more than my expectation because of his tight screenplay. This could easily be his second best movie after Saamy.

After Vikram, Suriya is the only hero who delivers the punch lines effectively in Hari's films. Suriya carries himself as a mass hero and succeeds in his attempt quite brilliantly. Sure enough this movie will be enjoyed by all his fans and he is all set to increase his fan base even bigger.

This movie has lots of fights, few unnecessary. Music is okay. Vivek tries to bounce back to his form, but his irritating background soundtrack is intolerable. Anushka fills the glamour quotient. Prakashraj does a decent job here. Overall, this is an enjoyable movie even if you watch it from first row.

Please let me know your thoughts about this movie through your comments.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm back

Hi All - I'm back to this blog after about 2 years...this time, I hope to continue blogging as long as I can...It's nice and surprising to see some of the fellow bloggers whose blogs I have visited those days are still keeping their blogs active...these 2 years in Chennai have been outstanding and interesting. Will share you all about these things in my future posts...happy blogging... :-)


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